Friday, 25 January 2008

Great Wholesale And Dropship Suppliers

Do you sell on ebay or run a business? I've found a great wholesale source.

There are some first class wholesalers and dropshippers out there where you really can find products to make some excellent profit margins on. I'm talking 100% margins and above. You have to know where to find them though. Often they are Chinese or Asian companies and sometimes the web presence these companies have is minimal.

One website I have found to be very good is If you want to find products where you can make very good profits margins then this is the place to look. They provide a massive directory of thousands of unknown wholesale suppliers and dropshippers from around the world supplying everything from sportswear to electronics. I would not have been able to find some of these suppliers no matter how many hours I might have searched on the internet. The profit margins can be quite awesome too so really anyone should be able to make money from this site as long as they put in a little bit of effort.

Another good aspect to the site is the private members forum. If you have a question about anything from import taxes to minimum order quantities or you want to engage in an exchange of ideas or benefit from the experience of others then you can do so here. They currently have over 35,000 members so that is a lot of experience you can draw on and you will always find an answer to whatever question you have.

The supplier information is always reliable and current and all suppliers listed are rated by members so you can feel confident when ordering from them. There really is a supplier for everyone and no matter what quantity you require be it just one or one hundred you will be catered for. If you are looking for a product you can ask their customer service to source a supplier for you.